Amphora Water - Trace Minerals - Family Pack - 3 Month Supply

Amphora Water - Trace Minerals - Family Pack - 3 Month Supply

Amphora Water
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  • One Bottle/Vial Treats 60-70 glasses of water, juice, smoothie, tea or coffee
  • Simply add a few drops of Amphora to your water and change your water to taste better, become healthier and give your body the minerals and hydration it needs
  • Each bottle is a 1 fl. oz. glass bottle with glass dropper dispenser.  
We like transparency, we are guessing you do too.

All of our ingredients are as pure as it was 500 million years ago, trace minerals are all not created equal, nor how they are processed. Many companies are using dry salt beds open to airborne pollution, see that trace mineral brand in the blue bottle at all the stores? That one is included in this. Their lead doctor even jumped ship when he finally saw how this product was made, we don't want that. We are here to serve your health. We strive for purity while also focusing on effectiveness with no hidden secrets or practices we wouldn't want anyone to know. The time is NOW for excellent products that align with nature. Ours are the best or your money back. We stand by our products beyond what we can put into words. Your body will thank you.

  • The Entire and Complete Full spectrum of micronutrients
  • 83 Trace Minerals in total
  • Proprietary Amino Acid Complex Made By Nature, not a chemical plant like our competitors
  • negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) this is how your cells stay in health, with a negative charge
  • Full colloid suspension of micronutrients
  • pharmaceutical grade water USP | WFI - we make this with our own invented technology, we like nature and replicate the hydrologic cycle in house - we call it the cloud
how to use our drops

Our drops are the work of over 9 years of successes and failures. We didn't just home run out of the gate, we went through the gamut of heavy R&D that led us into replicating nature into technology so we could produce our product you see on this page now. Our products never touch plastic in the entire process, no competitor can even come close to saying that, they have their product in a non-pharmaceutical grade plastic... yuck! Our drops are made for you beverage on the go or anywhere you please. We want to leave a small footprint with a BIG impact, so we dropped our heavy glass water company that started to become a luxury item... that helps only a small portion, we want to help ALL people. Our mission is one of pure passion towards changing our world and it first starts with our bodies and what we put in them.

  • 1. open childproof cap
  • 2. squeeze dropper to fill glass pipette
  • 3. Drop 8 To 16 Drops into your beverage
  • 4. give your beverage a swirl or stir in a clock-wise direction
  • 5. give you body the best micronutrients and cellular hydration this side of the galaxy
  • 6. feel the difference
  • If you aren't pleased with our product, we will refund your purchase.

    we're real humans behind this and this product is our passion. If you aren't happy, we aren't.