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Your modern diet has lost up to 44% of the mineral content over the past 45 years. The fruits and vegetables you consume have lost almost half their mineral content. Unless you are consuming twice as many fruits and vegetables, you need our alkalizing mineral drops.

When you get the proper mineral amounts, your body is a powerhouse! Are you looking for natural energy, better cellular hydration, and whole body health? We've got you covered.

Amphora's minerals are in a whole different class of their own. Why? We can actually get your body to absorb them... and that's a huge win! Our trace minerals are processed naturally in our nature replicating technology for optimum bio-availability.

Amphora makes everything in small batches from our state of the art facility. Our founder literally oversees every single batch, made by hand with love.


Remember when the dinosaurs were here in the Jurassic period? No? Our minerals do. We get our minerals from a 200-500 million year old deposit. Luckily dinosaurs were not using fertilizers, pesticides, or nuclear weapons. Dinosaurs weren't polluting our air, single cropping, factory farming and all that not-so-fun stuff.

Other "trace mineral" companies use sea water, inland salt lakes and other heavily polluted sources. These sources are contaminated with chemicals and radiation that can contaminate your body.

Do you want a clean body for optimal health? Then, use clean minerals, specially formatted for optimal bio-availability.

Amphora Water is unmatched in the quality of our product, and the stringent processes we've developed to ensure the best results.